Sunday, January 24, 2010

Time To Get Serious


It's been too long since I came in here. I apologize for the delay to my update. I've had the flu and haven't even opened my lap top in a week. Which means no writing has been done and I have a LOT of words to make up for this week. I did make my word count for the week last time though, but now I am 2500 words behind! Darn sickness... But the good in that is that I love to sit and lose myself in another world and look forward to doing that today and tomorrow. I will hopefully have the opportunity to marathon write to catch up again.

I ended with 11,727 as of last Friday.

I haven't been idle during my sick leave, however. My mind is constantly working on my projects even when my hands aren't. I so want this book to be 'the one' and continuously plot in my head where I need it to go to be the best it can be when it is finally finished. I'm still working out little details of how, when, where, and why everything happens. Oh, and still thinking of ways to torture my h/H!

I will be posting a blog later this week on the hows and whys of torturing heroes and heroines in a book. Before I do, I want to get some information, input, from some other authors on this subject. Maybe I can line up a guest author to blog about it, as well.

Dodadagohvi (Until you and I *see* each other again)...

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