Sunday, January 3, 2010

One At A Time


Being a typical pantster (no plotting for this wild child) I don't always know what will happen with a scene or chapter until it does, but when it happens, and works... Great! For some reason I haven't found a successful method of plotting that works for me. When I do try to plot, I end up getting confused with where I want the story to go and where it ends up. Most of the time my well thought out plans get put aside while I write blind.
Oddly, after writing a complete ms I sometimes do a mini plot, or a synopsis, that helps me make necessary edits. Unfortunately, it is also this method which causes me to toss a finished ms into the 'don't know what to do with this one' pile, at which time I begin an all new story.

So, you can understand why I am so excited now. I just love it when characters cooperate and scenes come together one at a time. That is what writes the book. One letter, word, scene, page, and chapter at a time. That seems to be my method, and until I find a different one that works better for me, I'll go with it. I wrote 802 words yesterday. Which means I made my 300 per day x2 plus a few more just like I'd planned.

I need to go cyber-searching and find pictures of Kelly and Chase. Visuals always help me focus on my characters. In fact, I may need to cast everyone because there are some interesting sub-characters in this that I want to 'see' as well.

I've decided to give a weekly or bi-weekly word count update, so look for higher numbers to be reported over the weekends from here on out. That said, I will write more tonight and bring these lovable 'people' closer to life.

Thanks for dropping by.

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