Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Make 'Em Pay!


In all really great books we meet a damaged man of the hour, the HERO. With this intriguing and irresistible man comes along a (sometimes) equally damaged woman of the hour, the HEROINE.
They want one another beyond all reason...well, sometimes they don't, but that's another story... This couple will walk through fire to get to the other, or for the other. They will risk life and limb for one another, challenge the worst demons of hell, the sweetest angels of heaven to be together forever. The only thing these two won't do is face their own demons and faults.
No way, no how, ain't gonna happen!

It is because of this that we, the authors, are able to tease and torture the destined couple incessantly. It isn't until he and/or she comes to grips and accepts their personal failings, turning them into a victory, that the author runs out of reasons to keep these two love birds apart farther.
It is only at this time that they are rewarded with their very own HAPPILY EVER AFTER that every couple strives for.

Does this mean that they will never fight again? Pu leee eease! Let's be realistic here. Of course! Not. But, we are rewarded with the knowledge that this struggle gets them to the place where we know without a doubt they will be able to work through anything life comes at them with from here on out.

This week I will take you on a journey of "The Why's and Hows of Successful Character Torture".
I hope you enjoy your trip down 'Pain Lane' and come away with something you can use.

I bestow a respectful and heart felt 'THANK YOU' to of my guest(s) and those who have contributed on this topic. Thank you to those whom have given their own precious time to comment and help make this discussion possible. Don't forget to tell your friends if you enjoy yourself here.

***Join me tomorrow with Historical and Romantic Suspense author, Jen Nipps. Maybe she'll tell us how to successfully torture an Irishman?


All contributors involved with this leg of our journey may be held responsible for any and all successful tortures which are
masterfully carried out on forthcoming HEROES and HEROINES as a direct result of this message.


GPS said...

Ohhhh, I love a tortured hero. The more conflicted the better it is when he gets his happy ending.

Calisa said...

I know what you mean! I love those poor souls most. Thanks for dropping by.