Saturday, January 2, 2010

It's a brand new year!

Osiyo~ (Hello)

With a new year I thought a new look would be nice as well. I'll tweak it out a little more at a more reasonable hour, make it 'me'.

But, this just feels more relaxing already.

Feel free to let me know what ya'll think about it. 

Wow, this day flew! I didn't make 300 words today, but I did get some important re-writes done, so I can get to actual writing tomorrow. I had the 10 pages to get ready for the Soon To Be Published Contest last month and I forgot to do necessary edits to make the final contest entry pages re-fit to the rest of the written part I couldn't use in the contest. Since I just had 28 pages written total, it was a fairly easy fit and went smoothly. I'm excited about this story that I started playing with last spring, when my niece made a comment giving me a wonderfully fun idea. I'm taking the surprise baby scenario, and adding a twist to it that I think will be great. 

I'm loving my hero, Chase Bishop, and adore heroine Kelly King.Because of the contest I don't know how much I can say here, but as soon as I can I'll tell more, about these two lovable characters and their friends.

So~ fitting in bottle feeding/doctoring seven 1 week old doberman puppies at crucial intervals, their mother won't care for them, and with me suffering a hideous cold~ with luck and a little weekend peace, I will write like the Oklahoma winds tomorrow (and have seven surviving puppies as a reward)!

I invite you all back tomorrow to check up on my word count (sitting currently at 7,263).

Until tomorrow~

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