Sunday, October 31, 2010

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!! and NRCA abounds!


Have a very safe and fun Halloween everyone! Not my fave holiday (give me Christmas anyday!), but any holiday is fun and my fave when I get to spend it with my three darling granddaughters! Can you believe this is the first Halloween I get to spend with all three girls, even though they went out together last year? I was home sick, sucking in Vicks and text-sent piccys of their fun. This year I'm not missing the fun...ok, it's really about the candy I plan to pirate from the kiddies... But, it will be spent with them! Yep, I will post piccies!

It's that time of year again for another great and important activity (actually, I should have blogged this last month and not just Tweeted and Facebooked it)- National Reader's Choice Awards!
This is my second year as a category coordinator! I love the free books! Are you a reader of Inspirational? How about Romantic Suspense, Paranormal, Erotics, or Historical?

Do you write in these categories?

Follow any of these links to sign up as a judge, or to enter your 2009 published books! Final winners are announced at a super chick ceremony at RWA Nationals in NY next June!

Have fun and GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!

Read inspirational romance? National Readers Choice Awards needs you! 4 free books if you judge. Sign up: Plz RT

Read traditional romance? National Readers Choice Awards needs you! 4 free books if you judge. Sign up: Plz RT

Read series romance? National Readers Choice Awards needs you! 4 free books if you judge. Sign up: Plz RT

National Readers Choice Awards has lots of judges for romantic suspense. Do you write it? Enter at Plz RT

National Readers Choice Awards has lots of judges for erotic romance. Do you write it? Enter at Plz RT

National Readers Choice Awards has lots of judges for paranormal romance. Do you write it? Enter at Plz RT

If you Twitter, plaese RT and help get the word out! Facebook it? Post on your profile and help get the word out!

Thank you for your participation and interest.


Saturday, October 30, 2010



No. It's not Easter yet. But if you hop over to Melinda B Pierce's blog today you can enter for a chance to win one of Christine Bell's copies of her new release from the Wolves of Pray series! Bk 2 -Awakening- Sean's story is available now!

Show my girls some love!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

I am a horrible, terrible crit partner!


I have done a horrible, terrible injustice to Chloe Cole and my other super-duper twinkie, LC Chase. Drag me through the cactus from a short rope tied to a furious horse! Really! These two have nailed it with Loose id this week and I neglected to come in here and tell all ya'll. These two sweeties collaborated and wrote a rockin story called Three To Tango. Why not drop by each of their blogs and give 'em a shout out?

Notice something odd? Leave me a note here.


At it again!


Tomorrow is release day for book two in the Wolves of Pray series
by my super awesome cbc gal, Christine Bell!!!!!!!! Help her celebrate this totally cool book with a chance to win a free copy! She'll be at Joanna St. James' blog tomorrow! Stop by and comment, and while you're out surfing- stop by Chris' blog and cheer her on. She's got some great news to share on other project releases and a Halloween special you need to hear about and she's spilling the beans.

People, YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS BOOK! If you haven't read bk one, Pray, yet get it too! Trust me...great writer on her way UP the ladder. Get in NOW on the chance to say "I knew Chris when"!

Until I return,


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I was going to wait


I had decided to wait until next week, or at least after the weekend, to post again because I want to share a few things. I'm an impatient person.

We have a new member in our family. No, it's not the new granddaughter who is due in January. It is a new puppy. Molly is a 3 year old Jack Russell Terrier who belongs to good friends. Unfortunately, they need a home for her badly now. 'Husband' is a missionary and 'wife' wants to travel with him. Her family also lives in Finland and she can't return to celebrate her father's 92nd birthday next month because she has dear Molly, whom she truly loves. That's why she can't travel. She won't leave Molly with just anyone to look after her. When my husband and I met Molly (before we had heard the difficulty surrounding her) we fell in love and teased 'wife' that we had to find a way to get her home on the plane with us. If any of you have traveled with a dog lately, you costs a fortune! To both our surprise and pleasure, and a little sadness for 'wife', she told us that of all the people they know--which is a huge network of people-- we are the only ones she would consider letting Molly go home with. She knows how we love our own babies and Molly will get the same love.
So, the incredible Molly brown will fly for her first and last time, home with us. I call her incredible because husband always says 'NO' to new pets, and he wanted Molly as much as I did right off. I know our other babies will welcome her. We raise well mannered, loving dogs! ;)

As soon as I have one, I will post Molly's picture to share.

Feel free to comment about your special four-legged babies in this totally off topic post.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

When the new wears off


I think the initial "OMG" new is wearing off for the request finally-it's calmed down a bit anyway. Don't think it will ever wear off completely. :) So I opened the wip and scrolled down to where I left my h/h planning their first date. Fun scene, that one. I had left them two weeks ago, discussing the first time they  met. A fairly awkward moment for Viv because, without my intentions, she seems to be a tad uncoordinated (clumsy). This makes her feel uncomfortable with Conner because he thinks its cute. So I sent a few paragraphs to my lovely Twinkies to give me direction. Should I continue into chapter four with their blushing conversation a little more-which left chapter three with a wonderful hook- or should I begin the new chapter with her preparing for their first date?

This is very important. You see, this is a critical point in every writer's journey. Knowing where to end off, no matter how much you like the current scene, and when to let it go and get on to the next fun scene, the next great hook. I was torn so I asked the gals what they thought. It was unanimous- "shoot right to date night". So, that's what I will do. As always, I saved the previous start (just in case) and will set these two up for fun and heart ache!

Now that the shakes have left, I can finally focus on getting this story written. But I will keep you all posted on the progress here, since I can't seem to get a word meter to work on my blog yet. Which is a really nice and non-intimidating way to keep track of how much you write (as long as you keep it updated).

I'd love to know how you know when you have a great hook and it's time to move on in a story, or when to take it just a little bit farther with a scene. Share your thoughts here.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Great news


I finally have some truly blog-worthy news! (My life is boring.) On August 8th, or there about, one of my cps challenged us to write a chapter or more and enter it in the Mills & Boon fast track. This is submit however much of a wip during that month, and they will return a response in that month. It made it possible to avoid all the mail my submission, wait for it to make it out of the slush pile (file 13 to those non writers who don't know what a slush is) and wait eternally. Like I don't have enough to do? Another story? There's absolutely NO WAY I can fit anything else...ok, fine. Tell me what to do, oh great leader.

Yep. I accepted the challenge regardless of everything else I had in progress. After all, it's just one chapter and I don't write medical so I'll send it in and forget about it because there's no way they will want it. What do I know about medicine? Not a lot...ok, nil, nothing! I know when I get sick I go to the doctor, and then usually regret going.  But, I racked my pea brain for three days, not an iota of an idea coming to me. Finally, while ducking out of hubby's drywall mud path a niggling of an idea whispered in. What if the heroine is a veterinarian. One thing I do know some of is animal care, being a farm girl. The next thing that came to me was a skunk. Yep, a skunk. Then my cps helped me decide that my hero is a medi-flight EMT. I ran with that (before I could run from the room) and wrote one chapter. Just one. After all, that's all that was required of me and I still had other things to finish. Two weeks later I sent in my medical chapter to Mills & Boon. And forgot about it.

Two days later I got a response as promised (not the two days, but before the end of August). Seemed 'they' whoever that may be had read PDV and, I quote here, "thoroughly enjoyed! It was funny, sweet and fresh". Fresh! Of all the words in her email, that one popped out at me the most. We hear agents and editors all the time saying they want 'fresh material', new spins on old hats. I can help but envision the group of them sitting around one desk while she reads my chapter aloud to the office. They are laughing, crying and "thoroughly enjoying" MY writing! Then earth slams up and smacks me between the eyes. The missive also said, "we'd be very interested in seeing the first three chapters"! Yikes!!! and double yikes! Three chapters, there ain't! I wrte ONE, not three!

It took me three weeks of hard labor (I'd rather have another baby, hard) but I squeezed out another two chapters. I let my cp Twinkies tear it apart and then I sent the first three chapters to, get editor!... and went back to work on those patient other projects once more.

Two weeks passed with no word, not that I expected any, nope...not bull-headed me. One more day comes. Midday arrives along with my daily phone call from oldest daughter. While we chat I decide to check email. There in black and white is my editor's name on an email. Here it comes... the inevitable rejection. The "Thanks, but we made a mistake, no thanks".

Daughter waits for me to open it and then I read it aloud without pre-scanning the contents. Oh, my, goodness!!! I reread...yep, sure enough.  

My editor (I think I may forever write her title in italics, it's so cool!) is requesting...THE FULL!

She wants the whole shebang, the kit and the caboodle, the full whammy-shaker!

hears roaring applause whistles and cat calling

K, maybe that's in my head. Sorry.
But it has been an amazing 24 hours since I opened that email. I need to thank my wonderful CBC Twinkies for all your help and support, and for listening to me whine over this whole project. I especially want to thank Melinda, for causing this rollercoaster ride. (I will also blame you when I'm bald, honey.) Thanks to all my writer friends for so many pats on the back and cheers for success. Sorry I made so many of you look like leprechauns, but you know I love green! Mostly, I need to thank my editor (yes she has a name and I will use it 'when' she buys this book!) for this chance to show her what I can do with paper and pen, or monitor and keyboard. I appreciate this opportunity with all my happy dancing little heart. (Sheesh, the way I'm carrying on, you'd think I'd won the Rita or something...that's the next goal!)

So, does this mean I will be a published author very soon? YES!!!! It's not going under contract (yet), but I have to write the ms and send it to my editor for a Christmas present. Not actually. That's my self-imposed deadline that she has graciously agreed upon. And then I'll be in indefinite waiting mode while I write something new, and she enjoys my book.

So, what does a London editor, a sassy veterinarian, and a too-hot-to-handle EMFT have in common?


In other news:
I just finished reading Her Lone Cowboy by the talented Donna Alward.
This is the second brother in a two-book set. I fell in love with this wounded war hero from page one.And I know I will never be the woman this heroine is! I admire her fully. Great job Donna, and thanks for a delightful read!

Next from my teetering TBR stack? I'm in a toss between my contest win, Michelle Willingham's Surrender to an Irish Warrior, and Brenda Novak's first in the Perfect trilogy The Perfect Liar.

Hmm, Hunky Irishman...great suspense...hunk...suspense... Tune back in two weeks for the answer to this dilemma. But don't forget to catch up between then and now, too!