Thursday, October 28, 2010

I am a horrible, terrible crit partner!


I have done a horrible, terrible injustice to Chloe Cole and my other super-duper twinkie, LC Chase. Drag me through the cactus from a short rope tied to a furious horse! Really! These two have nailed it with Loose id this week and I neglected to come in here and tell all ya'll. These two sweeties collaborated and wrote a rockin story called Three To Tango. Why not drop by each of their blogs and give 'em a shout out?

Notice something odd? Leave me a note here.



Christine Bell said...

You are a FAB crit partner! And you certainly don't have to blog about our sale, but it's very sweet that you did!
Luv ya, Twink!

Melinda B. Pierce said...

Okay - I give up! What's odd? I didn't notice!

And you are a great crit partner!

Calisa Lewis said...

Thanks Twinks. I transposed their blogs with their names. Click on LC and go to Chloe and visa versa. ;)

Ok, it was late when I did this. :shamefaced:

Joanna St. James said...

ha ha it has been a long month lets just blame it on blogger.

Calisa Lewis said...

Thanks Joanna! My saving face buddy! I'm off to read your blog now.

L.C. Chase said...

Oh PUH-LEEZE! You totally rock! And "Drag me through the cactus from a short rope tied to a furious horse!" is hilarious! Though I'm sure it wouldn't feel that way if you're the one getting stabbed by cactus spines. ;-)

And like Chris said, not necessary but very sweet of you to mention the sale. {{{hugs}}}

Calisa Lewis said...

Lol LC. That just came to me. I think I had another rockin' cowboy story in mind. ;)