Friday, August 27, 2010



Yep, two blogs in a single week! But I have a special reason- besides the fact that I need to post more than this every week. I announced a few weeks ago that my friend and critique partner, Christine Bell sold her first novella, Pray. As a recap Pray is the first in her Wolves of Pray series with Cobblestone Press, you can check it out, and buy your very own copy here. Today is the release day for her super Book 1 of this wolf shifter series that I am so excited to have read and critted for her! (Check out Chloe Cole's future release, Captive Audience when you go to Cobblestone Press.)

To celebrate her releases Chris is romancing her readers with a contest! Bounce over to her blog for a chance to win not one, but two fabu prizes! Check the August 25th post. While you're there, click the links to Fiction Groupie and Ju Dimello's blogs where Christine is guest blogger and interviewee, respectively!

So, hop on over and say 'Hey' to Chris, 'follow' her blog and comment for the chance to be romanced by a wonderful new author!



Christine Bell said...

Thanks Lisa! Very exciting day, can't wait til it's up!

Gale Stanley said...

Release day is always a thrill. Wishing you many sales Chris!

Calisa Lewis said...

You're welcome Chris. And ditto the wait. I hope you celebrated big today!

Denise said...

Congratulations, Chris, on your new Release! And to "Aunt" Calisa as valued critique partner.

Denise Golinowski

Calisa Lewis said...

Aw...thanks Denise!