Sunday, August 8, 2010

PRAY release date


I just got word that YOU can get your own copy of this great book, Pray, by Christine Bell when it is released August 27, 2010!!! Yep, just 2 weeks out. Believe me, I WILL have a copy! Not only of the first book, but also Awakening, Redemption (writing titles so far), and any, or all of this writers wolf shifter series, The Wolves of Pray- no matter what they are finally titled!

For other news: Well, there's not much actually. I'm waiting, week 3, for word from Harlequin/Silhouette about Healing Whispers. At this point no news is being considered good news. I don't want them to rush this story though and then not want it. Take your time, savor the story. WANT this story! :)

In the mean time, I have met Garrett Star and Sara James (Tobi's riotous cousin and her best friend-the bank teller from HW). These are two 'Priceless' and adorable characters. And you'll have a chance to see what Tobi and Tanner are up to with peeks in with them throughout.
Garrett- turns out he's got quite a temper and it is up to Sara to tame his wild side, along with his stubborn streak. Not everything needs to be his way to be the right way.
Sara- is a feisty little thing who needs a man in her life to even out her work-son-work-son existence, and Garrett sets out to prove to her that he is that man. But will she let him be a father to her 5 year old son, too?
The answer will be in their story. I have drafted chapter one to see who these two really are and believe me, they sizzle and steam when mixed together!

I'm almost finished with my Vietnam story 'HOME' as well.


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