Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sweet things in subtle packaging


My sister once deemed me "World's Greatest Procrastinator". I thought I'd outlived that name, but since I began writing in earnest- I know differently. If there's an excuse, I'll find it.

That used to be the way I thought.

I love Chocolate Cupcakes, Star Crunch, Marshmallow Balls- all those goodies wrapped in attractive packaging. But I have discovered that it is the ones in the subtle wrappings that are the most good for me and that I love the most.
I know this seems totally off topic but it isn't. Not really.

I have a wonderful group of women who keep me on task these days. We laugh, cry, complain, and most importantly, we write- and suffer the pains of writing- together. No I haven't written a whole book while working with these ladies, but I have seen some of the errors in my writing, as well as the good of it, through their various talented eyes. The Romance Critique Group, as we have deemed ourselves, is just what the name says. We all write various genres of romance and pull/push/drag one another along, lift each other up as we all struggle toward that all-time, craved-for title of 'PUBLISHED AUTHOR'. We are, as one of them dubbed us, Twinkies. We seem to know what the others need from us, what they can offer us in return, and how to reach those goals. I don't think I've ever worked with anyone who seems to know what I am trying to say in my writing
before I met these women (except for Brenda of course :-D).

That is not to say I haven't had other wonderful CPs. I have, and I thank and appreciate each one of them whole-heartedly. It's just that I seem to have found others who, like me, needed something and until now wasn't sure what that 'something' was. On top of their great writing qualities, when my friend Donnell left this world last week, they were there with words of comfort, understanding, and patience. We really do fit like sardines in a can (of course we keep the top peeled open).
You'll find their blogs and/or websites in a list to the left. Please give them a pop in and say hello.

To my Twinkies- Thank you.
(Now if they could make me keep up with my blog!)



MeliP said...

Wonderful post my new Twinkie friend!!

I feel the same way - I am glad to have found our group.

Calisa said...

Thanks, Twinkie! Did ya notice your link on the side bar? I'm glad I found my new friends!