Saturday, February 20, 2010

Weather or not


It's a gloomy day out, foggy- alll day- dreary and misty, cold and I want to sleep. Rather than write I washed dishes! Missed my rwa meeting because I was supposed to have granddaughter all weekend and then she went to her daddy's at the last minute. This morning I thought I might make at least part of the days' events with the other Outlaws, and then I looked out the window. Fog. Thick, soupy and still rolling in. So I still missed the meeting because I live way out of the city and didn't feel safe driving in without knowing how bad the fog may be everywhere else. If it was half as bad as we got it here, I'd have been in trouble. So I opted not to go. I'd write!

I have been honing my critiquing craft this week. Today I decided it is 'write or get off the pot' day. So, I opened the wip, read a couple of crits for chapter 2, agreed with those opinions for the most part (thanks Twinkies), and haven't looked at the wip since... So- I have decided to tell on myself, and then come back tomorrow to let you know how much better I did after getting off the Internet.


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