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Chloe Cole's here today!


 When I think of godmothers, I imagine a rich old woman who is better than Santa when it comes to the gift department. Someone who loves and cares for their charge. Someone who babysits for free because it goes with the title. Mom’s best friend.
A friend recently blew that image for me. Turned my lovely imagery into a sham. I don’t know how I feel about that.

What I do know is Ellora’s Cave author, Chloe Cole has a unique theory of what a fairy godmother is for sexy Alex Nichlaus, who can’t seem to catch a woman.
I had to find out how Chloe could ruin my perfect belief of what a godmother should be, so I invited Chloe here find out all about her erotic and newly released Naughty Godmother today!

Welcome Chloe Cole. HAPPY RELEASE DAY!!!!!

Thanks Lisa, I appreciate the invite!

I have to ask. Why a godmother? That seems a little unusual, and, as I’ve mentioned, Holly Tucket is like NO fairy godmother I’ve ever heard of.

Well, I was brainstorming for a new story idea, and I was thinking about tropes in romance. One that came to mind was a heroine makeover story. We’ve all seen those a lot, right? Where the heroine is frumpy etc. and then through the course of things she blossoms etc. I started thinking if I could do a spin on that theme, where the guy was the object of the makeover, but more of an erotic makeover. Where a nerdy kind of guy somehow is transformed into a world class lover and babe magnet. I really felt like the idea of my heroine teaching a man how to love a woman right was really sexy. She would be like his Naughty Godmother! That came crashing down as soon as I thought of it, because the fact is, most of us like our men hot and alpha from the get go in erotic romance. So I couldn’t make him an actual nerd…but what if I made the heroine perceive him as nerd?  And that’s when things really took off. Alex is a super sexy alpha security expert, and he’s been undercover as a geeky lab assistant for the past three months trying to get information on a smuggling ring. He’s in forced celibacy mode and is desperate for a woman. Holly Tucket is a Tooth Fairy who wants to impress her mother, the Fairy Queen, by getting a promotion. 

I just love it!

Your god-like people find out their information from a scrying bowl. That’s interesting. So what knowledge does Holly come prepared with about her ‘subject’?

Fairies are summoned by pull of a person yearning for them in some way. Each fairy has a section of the city they are responsible for. So when Holly was a Tooth Fairy, if there was a little boy or girl yearning for her to come, she would feel it. As a NGM, it’s a little different in that she is able to choose her charge and take on one at a time. She feels Alex yearning for a woman. When she uses the scrying bowl, all she can see is his outward appearance and feel his yearning. She doesn’t have any information beyond that. Anything else is discussed prior to the charge signing the Charge/Godmother contract. Of course, in this case, Alex can’t tell her the truth because he’s under cover. Plus, he thinks this is some sort of practical joke.

Usually, when an immortal has an assignment like Holly’s, they get something in return; wings, freedom. What is her expected reward for a job done well?

She wants to get a promotion to impress her mother. The next step up? Naughty Godmother. Holly sees Alex, and chooses him as her charge. Sexy fun ensues!

This story makes me wonder something. If you were from an immortal world, do you think you could leave that world to become an ordinary mortal, for the sake of love?

Well, Holly’s not immortal. But if I were an immortal, I would certainly give it up for love. What is life without love? And, like the late great Freddy Mercury said, “Who wants to live forever?”
That’s so true.

Congratulations on your sales, Chloe. You’ve got some wonderful titles out now under both this name and Christine Bell, with various publishers. What would you say has been the ultimate, best selling moment for you since your first release in August, 2010?

One moment!? I’m not sure because there have been so many, it’s been an amazing year for me…just a whirlwind. My first contract offer email, my first call, getting cover art, all of those things were just surreal. I’m living my dream so I am pretty much on cloud nine right now!

Okay, asking for ‘one’ moment may have been asking too much. I can see how excited you are about the whole process! I’ll take all of those.
What advice would you offer aspiring writers?

Find a crit group, become part of various writers communities, do workshops, really dig in and make writing a part of your life. Live in it, and eventually it will be your life.

My husband and family have been great cheerleaders during my writing efforts. I’ve met some wonderful writers who boost me daily to keep going. Never give up my dream. Who, or what, has been your biggest inspiration?

My husband is unbelievably supportive and it’s so awesome. So every success is two-fold because my joy plus his joy and pride just makes it that much sweeter. I’ve also met a lot of really amazing authors and aspiring authors who have made me want to push forward, even when things got hard. It’s been wonderful.

That's great Chloe. It's important to have full support of your family.
Now for some fun. You’re going to visit America’s favorite theme park this week, Disney World. What ride or theme does the little girl inside you look most forward to experiencing? Why?

We are all major Harry Potter nerds, so I can’t WAIT to get my wand, and go to HoneyDukes and get chocolate frogs and see Hogwarts! I am BESIDE myself with excitement!

Well, I’m not a HP fan, but I wish you luck and fun and all great things on your trip. Now here’s an excerpt from the Naughty Godmother.

“Him. He’s the one.”
Mila arched a perfectly shaped raven brow. “Are you certain you wouldn’t like a little more time to choose? This shouldn’t be taken lightly.”
“Nope, that’s the guy. I’m sure of it,” Holly said with an emphatic nod.
“It’s a one-shot deal you know. If he’s a dud, that’s that. Fail.”
“I know.”
“All right,” Mila said, her tone indicating that, while it may have been “all right” it certainly wasn’t smart. “Sign here.”
Mila held out the elaborate gold pen and Holly resisted the urge to wipe her sweat-soaked palms on her jeans before taking it gingerly. With a trembling hand, she scrawled out her signature then held the pen back out to Mila, who shook her head.
“Keep it. You might need it.”
Oh ye of little faith.
She was right though, better safe than sorry. “So now what?”
“Now you get to work. You have,” Mila raised an elegant wrist to check her watch, “twenty-three hours and fifty-nine minutes to get it done.” She cast a dubious glance at the image of a man in a lab coat sitting on a park bench, tapping away on his laptop. “And judging by the looks of him, you’ve not a moment to spare. If you need me to intervene, you know what to do.”
She picked up the contract and stood to go. “Wait!”
Mila paused and cocked her head expectantly.
“What if I can’t go through with it?” Holly whispered.
“Call me and I’ll intervene.” Uncharacteristic concern clouded Mila’s eyes. “You know, not everyone is cut out for this kind of work. You don’t have to do this.”
“Yes I do. I have to at least try. I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t.”
“All right then, give it your best shot. Always remember to look at it like a public service. You’re helping people become more comfortable with themselves. Like a therapist. Now, hop to it.”
And with a flick of her manicured fingertips she was gone.
“Showoff,” Holly grumbled.
She looked down at the bowl of water on the table and into the face of her new charge. Oblivious to her voyeurism, he slid his glasses back up the bridge of his nose, unaware that his life was about to change forever. If she had the skills to pull it off. The thought kicked up the swarm of butterflies that had taken residence in her stomach since the day Mila had summoned her about the possible promotion.
I could have said no.
She let out a snort of disgust. As if. It would have been an unforgivable slight if Holly didn’t at least try the new job Fairy Queen Lucienne had selected for her. If she crashed and burned and was a major disappointment to everyone involved—again—she could just go back to her happy little job and forget it ever happened.
Maybe then they’d all finally just let her be. And who knew? Maybe she’d be great at it.
With a sigh, she dipped her finger into the water and the scene reflected there shuddered and disappeared.
The clock was ticking.
She picked up the suitcase and laid it on the coffee table. Aside from the lingering scent of lilacs that accompanied Mila everywhere, it was the only evidence of her having been there. And despite the fact the potential contents of the bag terrified her, she was grateful for both it and the scent that still permeated the air. Both were ironclad evidence she wasn’t a raving lunatic.
On her twelfth birthday, as it was for all the fairies, she’d blossomed and was introduced to the world of magic. Even after fifteen years, every so often she still needed reassurance that she hadn’t lost her mind that day; that her whole life wasn’t just some prolonged delusion.
With no time for further contemplation, she opened the suitcase then covered her eyes, peering down through the cracks of her splayed fingers. The tried and true method did little to soften the blow.
It was bad. Really bad.
Three pairs of stiletto heels, two black and one red, stared back at her. Always practical, even in spite of the nerves clawing at her, she decided instantly on the red ones. That way when she toppled down the stairs and broke her ever-loving neck, at least the shoes would match the pool of blood that would likely be her final resting place. Mila would’ve been proud to know that at least one of her lessons had stuck.
A woman should always put her best foot forward. The way to lure a man is to C.A.S.T., darling. Color coordinate, emphasize your Assets, and never leave home without your Stilettos and a Thong.
Ah Jeez, and speak of the devil, there it was. Holly wrenched her stupid fingers away from her stupid eyes and gnawed her lip as she stared down at the teeniest, tiniest scrap of underwear she’d ever seen. It made dental floss look positively substantial.
Well, fiddlesticks.

Thank you again for being my guest this week Chloe. Where can visitors and fans find you? Is there anything you want to say before we close the interview?

Thanks so much for having me! Visitors can find me at the links below. But wait!!!! I want to do a giveaway in honor of my new release, but also to celebrate my trip to sunny Florida! I’d like to give a copy of my winter erotic romance, Unwrapping Lily, to one commenter. That way, while I’m in the sun on the beach, your winner can stay warm with my steamy Quickie ;op We’ll announce the winner on Monday!

That’s a wonderful idea! Something to keep some lucky poster warm while you’re in the warmer climates (thinking up a new hot hero I hope!) having a great family time.
Thanks for coming to share Chloe. These are both really fun books! I can’t wait to see what else you’ve got in the works.

So leave a comment between now and Sunday and I will announce the lucky winner of Unwrapping Lily on Monday! You can also buy it here. In the meantime, hop over to Chloe’s place and see what else she’s got for old and new fans!


Melinda said...

Great interview! I can't wait to get my grubby little paws on this one!!

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Hi Guys! Great interview! This one sounds like a lot of fun, but then, all your stuff is awesome! Congratulations, Chris! Have fun in Fla.


Alyssa Fox said...

Great interview! Congrats on the new release! Have fun on your trip.

Denise said...

Hi Chloe and Calisa! Congratulations on your new release, Chloe, it sounds delicious. I thoroughly enjoyed the interview and the excerpt! Have a great time at Disney World!

Denise Golinowski

Brittany said...

Sounds like a delicious read I'd love to sink my "eye" teeth into.. Congratulations on the new release and good luck in future years!! Brittany Adams

Calisa Lewis said...

Hi Britt! Thanks everyone for stopping by.
I just read your review, too, Denise...beautiful!
Mel- as usual, you crack me up!

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Great interview...can't wait to read the book!! Good luck, Chloe!

Gale Stanley said...

Congrats on the new release! Sounds like a great read.

J. Coleman said...

Congratulations Chloe! I'm already loving the book from your "glimpse," and using the word "fiddlesticks" sent me on a melancholy journey back to my childhood. That was my grandmother's favorite word, followed by "horse feathers" (small children should not be subjected to such visuals - still looking for "feathers" on horses.) Thanks for sharing with us, and thanks to Calisa for inviting us to "chat."

Donna said...

Great interview girls! Congrats on the new release Chloe.

J: I remember my ex husband's grandmother saying 'horse feathers' too. Takes me back to all that great Italian cooking.

Nas Dean said...

Great interview. Congratulations on all these new releases! Awesome. And the excerpt was so interesting. I loved it.

Rachel Lynne said...

Oh my goodness, Calisa, I'm going to get you! You just can't resist pointing out yet another book that I have to add to the ever growing list of TBRs!!
Shame on you, I'll never get another book done!
Chloe, I'm in love with this book: such a cute excerpt and the premise is just so original!
I'm jealous I didn't think of it :).
Will most definitely be reading this and Calisa had already sparked my interest when she talked about Unwrapping Lily yesterday ... all I want to know is who has invented the much needed device that suspends time so I can have 48 hour days. Surely that would be enough for me to indulge my reading obsession and get my writing done-eh, better go for 72 hrs!
Tweeting and FBing this interview and Naughty Godmother: my friends will love this!

Calisa Lewis said...

Welcome Kristi, Gale, Donna, Joelene, Nas and, of course, Rachel! It's my evil plan. To get everybody reading her books- and then I'll sucker punch you all with my own! Muwahahahahahaha

Of course, so many of you already have wonderful books out that I'm working hard to collect.

I think Chloe will be popping in sometime to say 'hey' to everyone. Once she climbs off the plane in Florida. So thank you all for dropping by.

Christine Bell said...

Hi everyone, I made it to Florida in one piece! Thanks for all of the great comments. I am so glad you like the concept of the book, it was so much fun to write!

J. Coleman- Funny enough, despite this being an erotic romance, Holly is very sweet and doesn't like to swear. As a Tooth Fairy, she deals with children so she has this very charming, naive side to her and I just couldn't see her swearing! Good eye to pick up on that old fashioned aspect of her from just the blurb!

Rachel- I'm so glad you like the idea! As a regular sufferer of story envy, I know what you mean! I feel that way almost every time I read a good book or one of my CP's comes up with a fun new idea (Mel, I'm looking at you right now, because I haz a jealous over your new ms idea...arrrr!)

L.C. Chase said...

Sorry I late to the party. As usual.

Excellent interview, Lisa! Big hugs to you, Miss Chloe. Congrats on NGM's big day out. I LOVE this story! :-)

L'Aussie said...

I'm late to the party, too! This was a great interview/review. Sounds like a great book. Looking forward to reading it!

Thanks Calisa for coming by my blog and reading Christine's post for my inauguarl Publication Party. Isn't she great and you sound like a CP extraordinaire. Thank you for following my blog which puts you in the running for some great prizes at the end of this great party.

Hope you'll turn up next Wednesday for the next author-speak!

Another Denise, ha ha..:)

Calisa Lewis said...

Hi LC- not late, you and Denise were...what is that? Fashionably detained? Well, you with that birthday hangover, and Denise with her awesome blog with Chris. If anyone hasn't been to L'Aussie's site yet, be sure to drop in when you leave here. Great prizes abound every where with the release of Naughty Godmother!

Aw- thanks Denise. Not so sure the twinks would call me that- though they have a few names for me. Lol And I always like to follow interesting blogs. I'll be back!

Brenda Drake said...

Thanks for following me. I really enjoyed the interview and even picked up a new phrase to use. Holy Tucket! Loved it! :D

Calisa Lewis said...

Welcome Brenda! You're welcome. Glad you enjoyed your visit.

Thanks for stopping by everyone! This contest is now closed. Check back on my Monday blog tomorrow to see who the winner is!