Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nothing but FUN!!!!!!!!!


As promised- I hope- here are a few pictures from my night of trick-or-treating with the kids. And yes, I totally scyped candy! My grandbabies are very good about sharing with me.

My favorite and new (temp) profile pic. Yes, I was a punkin. :)

                                             Me with the babies. Andee, Nikkia, Me, Kaia

I love the awesome, God-provided sunset as we were winding up the night! Too beautiful to fake. And it made for an excellent backdrop.

My oldest, and 7 months pregnant, daughter Calais with hubby Joey and baby jaguar, Kaia.

Youngest fey daughter, Stephanie with her husband, Kris and baby kitty, Nikkia

Middle daughter, Keri, couldn't be there. Her daughter, cat woman, Andee,
went with her daddy, Mike, his girlfriend and their 8 mo son, Adrian.


                                                                           Self explanatory... :)

And what's Hallowe'en without.....

            Tigger and Pooh?

 Or perhaps....                 

Something only my granddaughter and her cousin could find while bagging candy!

                                                ....yes, a live frog.

All-in-all, it was a wonderful, and successful evening!



Christine Bell said...


Calisa Lewis said...

Thanks Chris!

Nas Dean said...

So very cute.. where I live there is no halloween tradition...so no trick or treating!

Calisa Lewis said...

It's not my fave holiday, but I can't resist the babies. Thanks Nas. Hope you visit again.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Oh that IS fun!! My kidlet would have been all over that frog and have forgotten the candy. LOL

Great pics! You made a GREAT pumpkin, no pun intended. :)

Calisa Lewis said...

LOL Jennifer! They did briefly. Uh...thanks?