Tuesday, May 25, 2010

When blood becomes tears


What a week this is turning out to be. A month ago I was writing a story that I had entered in the Donnell Epperson Soon To Be Published contest. For the record, I didn't win, or even final in it, but it was a wonderful experience-and an honor to be a first time contestant in the contest newly renamed for our lost sister author Donnell. I don't mind not placing because I was after the breakthrough of entering my first ever contest and I accomplished what I had set out to do, to take that step and put my writing out there to be judged. That story was also going to be the one I pitch to Silhouette editor, Charles Griemsman and Lucienne Diver-Knight Agengy next month at the Summer Heat Mini Conference on June 5th here in OKC. (BTW-if you're interested in attending that conference we still have appointments available, if you go to the OKRWA website to register now!)

You notice I said I
was going to pitch the contest entry. Change of plans was necessary when my other two beloved characters began harping at me for their chance to be heard first. Healing Whispers is a completed ms in which I threw at my lovely critique group mid stream last month. Have I mentioned how much I truly appreciate you Twinkies? Thank you!
Those wonderful head-bashers jumped in without missing a step and took on Tobi and Tanner with gusto; internal issues and all. I lost my momentum a few weeks ago (I know, I only switched to their story a few weeks ago... I'm not proud) and made my cps wait for three weeks between ch 5 and ch 6 before I was able to focus again.
Yesterday was a totally focused day though, as I pushed through the final five chapter edits in one day! It can be done. So, now I wait for them to catch up...while I muddle through some sort of synopsis...

That's what I get for rushing through those first round edits. Yay! You see, just because I have finished my story- I'm far from finished
with the story. Now, I have the pleasurable task of celebrating the composing of a synopsis, and I still need to finish my pitch blurb, query letter and then...second round edits begin! Hooray!!!

But, I really love writing which makes all the work enjoyable even when I feel like pulling my hair (or someone else's) out by the roots. I can't describe the feeling of accomplishment when I type those last words: The End, after so long and so many hours of pouring my blood all over the keyboard! It is an amazing feeling, really. It's what keeps me going through all the work; that determination to finally be able to say 'It's Done'.

Now I can say I'm ready to take on the pitch, and get this couple ready to fly into the world.



Gale Stanley said...

Congrats on finishing up! It's great to write "The End." I have to admit the synopsis is my least favorite part of the process. I can write long and short - but that inbetween is a killer :>)

Rachel Lynne said...

Congrats on finishing! I know what you mean about relief. The first ever manuscript I've finished is the one now under contract and I felt so accomplished when I typed The End. Even if it hadn't been accepted I was still so proud of myself for seeing it to the end.
Good luck with your pitch session. I am going to RWA nationals in July but even if I could finish one of my projects I don't feel ready to pitch. That hurdle will have to wait until I've more confidence :)

Kristi said...

so glad you finished because NOW I CAN READ IT! :) good luck with the pitch, C!!

Alicia Dean said...

Congratulations on finishing the book. There's not another feeling like it, is there? Good luck with the pitch and those pesky edits and the synopsis. :-)

Calisa said...

Thanks ladies! I have been critting a fellow Twinkie's chapters today, but this stays in the back of my mind the whole time! lol I actually wrote the first draft in 6 weeks about this time last year, but had to take out and rewrite so much before allowing cps to read it that it felt like I was writing a whole new ms. And that's what I finished! So, go read Kristi! And Thanks for the good luck Alicia.

Sometimes you just have to jump in with your eyes wide shut Rachel. I was so scared at my (only other) first pitch 2 yrs ago, but it really isn't as bad as you think once you do it. I'm still nervous as heck about the one coming up, but I know I can do it now. :)

Hey, Gail- want to practice by writing mine? lol

Melinda B. Pierce said...

Yay! I am so excited for you. Your pitch will be amazing and soon you will be blogging about life as a published author.

Maeve said...

"Normal" people don't understand it when we writers must pay heed to all the voices we hear in our heads! Congratulations on finishing your manuscript! :)

Calisa said...

You'll be there with me all the way Melinda! You and the girls.

And thank you Maeve. So eloquently put! :)

Robyn Grady said...

Congratulations on finishing that manuscript!!! Funny how a certain story knocks at your brain, begging to be told. Bet it's a winner!
Best of luck with the editor and agent interviews. Charles, I hear, is a total honey and a brilliant editor.
Robbie x

Calisa said...

Hey Robbie, great to see ya. I take it the caves are treatin' ya well?
Yep, 'the end' is a good feeling indeed.

I hope this story is a winner! It would be v nice to see my name on the alphabetical shelf down from yours. :)
As for Charles, I'll find out Friday when I meet him at Merline's! I read in an interview he's a fellow chocoholic! ;)